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News Releases 

City Moves Forward with Municipal Seawater Desalination Treatment Plant

January 30, 2024

City Approves Pathway Forward for the Construction of a New Water Treatment Plant

January 23, 2024

City of Corpus Christi Receives Draft Permit for Inner Harbor Seawater Desalination Site

December 12, 2023

City Continues with Applications for Inner Harbor Desalination Site

August 4, 2023

Stage 1 Water Restrictions Continue

July 21, 2023

Council Briefed on Drought Contingency Plan Revision and Conservation Program

January 31, 2023

UPDATE - Project Milestone: City of Corpus Christi Awarded Water Rights Permit for Seawater Desalination

October 5, 2022

Citations for Stage 1 Water Restrictions to Begin Next Week; Community Urged to Conserve Water

July 21, 2022

Combined Reservoirs at 40% Capacity

July 12, 2022

City Declares Stage 1 Mandatory Drought Restrictions

June 14, 2022

City Grants Preliminary Electrical Engineering Design of Its Inner Harbor Seawater Desalination Plant

May 24, 2022

Corpus Christi Water Supply Impacted by Drought

May 18, 2022

City Council Authorizes Preparation of Contract for Purchase of Property for City's Inner Harbor Seawater Desalination Plant

May 10, 2022

Logistics for Virtual Seawater Desalination Town Hall

December 14, 2021

Virtual Town Hall on a Drought-Proof Solution for the Coastal Bend

December 9, 2021

Notice of Public Meeting for a Water Use Permit 
Application No. 13675

October 15, 2021

Corpus Christi Mayor Paulette M. Guajardo's Top Goals for City

August 9, 2021

City’s Five Budget Input Meetings will be Virtual due to COVID Spike

August 7, 2021

City Manager Peter Zanoni Delivers City's Proposed Largest Annual Operating and Capital Budget to City Council

July 27, 2021

City Staff Presents July Seawater Desalination Workshop

July 21, 2021

City Staff Presents July Workshop for Mayor and City Council on Seawater Desalination

July 20, 2021

City of Corpus Christi Lifts Stage 1 Drought Water Restrictions

June 08, 2021

City of Corpus Christi Announces New Leadership for Water Utilities

May 24, 2021

Notice : DRAFT TCEQ Water Use Permit and Memorandum

March 11, 2021

City Council Gives Final Approval on Loan Program for Seawater Desalination Project

October 20, 2020

City Council Decision on Loan Program for Seawater Desalination Project Leads to Low Interest Rates Saving Rate Payers $1.5 million

October 13, 2020

City to Host Four Seawater Desalination Town Hall Meetings

September 25, 2020

City Council Authorizes Funding for Additional Due Diligence & Federal Permits for Seawater Desalination Plant 

August 25, 2020 

Corpus Christi Seawater Desalination Project Update

August 5, 2020 

City Credit Rating Upgraded

June 15, 2020 

City of Corpus Christi to Apply for $222M Loan for Desalination Plant 

April 23, 2020 

Desalination Update on Supply Demands and Decision Points for Implementation 

August 27, 2019 

City of Corpus Christi Receives Update on Seawater Desalination Project

September 25, 2018 

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