Why seawater desalination?  

For centuries, our region has scoured for a sustainable water supply, one that gives the Coastal Bend quality water at an affordable price. Unlike our metropolitan neighbors to the north, Corpus Christi is geographically situated where it’s difficult to source groundwater that’s fit to drink or produce wells with enough water to supply our region at a fiscally sound price.

Following the devastating drought of 2011, area stakeholders came together with a heightened sense of awareness to secure a drought-resistant water supply for our region. After years of cross-examining, scrutinizing and researching every possible solution for the Coastal Bend, seawater desalination has consistently risen to the top as the superior water supply for our region as the most resilient, sustainable, responsible and cost-effective water source for the Coastal Bend.

  • A drought-resistant water supply that may produce up to 20 million gallons of potable water daily. It’s what some call “drought-proof.”

  • Seawater desalination is an uninterruptable water supply that can be consistently upheld without the fear or uncertainty caused by seasons of mild rain or drought conditions.

  • Our Bay’s ecosystem and continued longevity remain our top priority in the seawater desalination initiative. It’s a harmony of water innovation and our commitment to the environment.

  • Combined with additional funding from industry partners and a low-interest loan from the Texas Water Development Board, seawater desalination is a new water source with a low impact to ratepayers. 

Stage 1 Drought Response

Mild Water Shortage Watch in effect. 
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