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Affordable. Resilient. Sustainable. Responsible.

For centuries, our region has hunted for a sustainable water supply. Riddled with geographical challenges that are conducive to droughts - affordable, quality water can be a nomad to the Coastal Bend. Unlike our metropolitan neighbors to the North, Corpus Christi is uniquely situated where superb groundwater doesn’t rest in copious supply. Nor do water wells produce enough drink at a sensible price for our ever-growing 'Bend.


Following the devastating drought of 2011, area stakeholders came together with a heightened sense of awareness about our region’s water deficit. Like those who came before us, a new hunt was on to secure a drought-proof water supply for the Coastal Bend.


After a decade of cross examination and research of various water source options, seawater desalination consistently rose to the top as the right move for our region. Affordable, resilient, sustainable, and responsible; it’s the one water supply we can stop hunting for.

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